Sixteen FUTI donors will be invited to an “Appreciation Reception” hosted by President Hamada

As we reported in Newsletter No. 9, The University of Tokyo (UTokyo) offers a variety of privileges to express its gratitude to those who have donated to the university. They include the posting of your engraved nameplate on the wall of the Yasuda Auditorium, a commemorative plate as a gift, invitation to convivial meetings and other events.
Your donations to FUTI will be added to your direct donations to UTokyo, and the accumulated sum will determine your privileges. As for the amount of donations, the titles and other items, please refer to the website
Donors whose cumulative contributions have recently exceeded JPY 300,000 will have their engraved names be posted on the wall of the Yasuda Auditorium as Contribution Members. Furthermore, they will be invited to an “Appreciation Party” hosted by President Junichi Hamada at the Koshiba Hall and the Sanjo Conference Hall ‘s Harmony Room on June 11th (Wed), 2014. Sixteen FUTI donors are included. We extend our heartfelt congratulations to these donors and thank them for their generous support of FUTI.
Listed below are the titles of FUTI donors based on their total donations at this time.
Special honorary member Shintech Inc.; Honorary members, Mr. Junji Masuda and Mr. Hajime Sasaki; Special contribution members, Mr. Hiroshi Komiyama and Mr. Hisashi Kobayashi; Merit contribution members, Mr. Shigenori Matsushita, Mr. Kenichi Sugiyama, Ms. Masako Egawa, Mr. Hidehisa Shimizu, Mr. Toyoo Gyoten, and Mr. Hiroshi Ichihara; Contribution members, Mr. Teruaki Aoki, Mr. Toshiaki Ikoma, Mr. Haruo Kawahara, Mr. Hideki Imai, Mr. Takushiro Ochiai, Mr. Tsutomu Kume, Mr. Yuichiro Kuwama, Mr. Motoatsu and Mrs. Nobuko Sakurai, Ms. Sumiko Ito, Ms. Masako Osako, Mr. Shunichiro Kishioka, Mr. Yasuhide Watanabe, Mr. Asao Kasumi, Mr. Hirokazu Miura, Mr. Masaaki Yamada, Mr. Yasuo Okamoto, Mr. Tohru Asami, Mr. Sadayoshi Okubo, Mr. Seiei Ono, Mr. Hisao Kameda, Mr. Ko-Yung Tung, and Mr. Koichi Hamada.
We would like to receive your continued support of the globalization of UTokyo by giving donations to FUTI.

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