Makoto Gonokami Begins UTokyo Presidency

GonokamiSucceeding former President Junichi Hamada, Prof. Makoto Gonokami became the President of the University of Tokyo as of April 1, 2015 for a six-year term. President Gonokami was formerly the Dean of the Graduate School of Science and Faculty of Science. His specialty is optical physics.
In his inaugural remarks, President Gonokami states:
In the midst of rapid globalization, the presence of problems that should be tackled by humankind as a whole, including the depletion of natural resources, damage to the environment, world financial insecurity and poverty, is becoming ever more apparent. Handling such global-scale issues requires that a wide range of people share their knowledge and subsequently utilize their shared knowledge to cooperate and take action. Cultivating talented individuals who will take the lead in this sharing and utilization of knowledge is the most important duty of the University of Tokyo. In this regard, we must never cease to face challenges with courage, wisdom and a sense of responsibility.
The driving force in developing these knowledge professionals is, needless to say, education that is among the most outstanding in the world. I would particularly like for students who have their hearts set on learning, as well as young researchers, to experience the excitement and joy of knowledge at the forefront of research. I want them to use that experience as a source of intellectual nourishment that reinforces within them the willingness to develop themselves significantly. I believe that to have the University of Tokyo serve as a place for these experiences would not only meet the expectations of the public who have entrusted the University with their support but also contribute to human society as a whole.
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