Zoom meeting with Prof. Miwako Hosoda (Executive Vice President, Seisa University), sponsored by Satsuki-kai America

On April 29, 2020, Satsuki-kai America hosted its first Zoom meeting event which was a great success. Prof. Miwako Hosoda (alumna, University Executive Vice President, Professor of Practical Education Studies, Seisa University) served as speaker at the event which was planned by the outreach and event managing teams of Satsuki-kai America.

Before the talk commenced, each of 14 participants gave a short self-introduction. They came from all over the US (East Coast, Mid-west, South, and West coast), and included those who normally would not be able to attend Satsuki-kai events generally held in New York City.

Prof. Hosoda spoke about a recently established association called the Inclusive Action for All (IAFA). One of the IAFA’s main activities include sending English-language children’s books to under-privileged communities in Bhutan, Pakistan, and Kenya. The Q&A session following the talk included various discussions on how the books are actually distributed at the destination, how one might be able to donate books, what the funding is like for sending the books, and why the structure of general incorporated association was chosen. The IAFA website is at https://www.inclusiveactionforall.org

Since this event was organized as a Zoom meeting, alumnae from all over America were able to participate in Prof. Hosoda’s talk. Additionally, because the event was held at 9pm (New York time), those who have work or child care duties who usually cannot attend these events, were able to participate. If there were not any time limit, the interesting introductions by the attending alumnae could have easily taken more than one hour. Satsuki-kai America plans to periodically hold events through Zoom in the future.

Many interesting comments were received from participants.

“The nice thing about Zoom is that you are able to talk and see everyone’s faces regardless of whether you are in Japan or California.”

“I had a very enjoyable time today. The wonderful topic and Q&A session, and short but very interesting introductions by participants…”

“Being able to listen to the meaningful exchange of views has given me much mental stimulation during my stay-at-home time.”

“I very much look forward to how Zoom events will evolve in the future.”

Translation by FUTI

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