The University of Tokyo President Selection Committee Elects Executive Vice President Teruo Fujii as its Next President

Dr. Fujii will succeed President Makoto Gonokami, whose six-year term will end on March 31, 2021. Dr. Fujii will assume his six-year tenure as UTokyo’s 31st president on April 1, 2021, following his appointment by proper governmental authority.

Dr. Fujii explained his vision at a press conference held immediately following the election:

“While dealing with the challenges immediately facing us, including the coronavirus pandemic, I believe it is important to have a long-term vision for the University especially when society’s norms are undergoing major changes.” 

“I’ve been saying that I want to create a ‘venue for learning’ in which every qualified person around the world would become enthusiastic about joining. In developing such a new learning venue, I would like to incorporate a wide range of opinions from inside and outside the University.” In respect to the qualities and strength he looks for in UTokyo students, Dr. Fujii stressed the importance of “relearning” for them to be viable members of a rapidly changing society. 

Based on his experience at the University overseeing the University’s “Relationship with Wider Society” and “Industry-academia-government collaboration”,  Dr. Fujii said: “There are many large-scale collaborations with companies set up under the current president. We hope to contribute to society by showing solid results in these corporate-academia collaboration projects.”

Dr. Fujii has been involved in research cooperation efforts in the United States, including the opening of the University of Tokyo office in New York in 2015.  He has also been a Director of Friends of UTokyo since 2018.

FUTI President, Prof. Ojima, gives the following congratulatory words:

Please accept my heartiest congratulations on being named the next President of the University of Tokyo!!! The future of the University of Tokyo is secured by your creative and innovative vision, as well as your outstanding leadership!!!  The FUTI Board Members and Advisory Committee Members are all extremely excited by the news. It was very fortunate for us to have had the opportunity to know you in person and to have worked with you at FUTI in the last few years. We are looking forward to seeing the innovative transformation and growth of the University of Tokyo under your Presidentship!

Author: Yuriko Suzuki; Translator: FUTI staff

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