The Summer Program at Yale

Summer 2011
Azusa Aoki

The summer program I enrolled in was Professional Communication Course organized by the English Language Institute of Yale University.

Ms. Azusa Aoki (left) and her Yale Summer School classmate

Our course consisted of three compulsory morning classes, that is, sound and structure, speaking, and writing, and one elective class in the afternoon. The sound and structure class was especially useful; the professor who was a linguist introduced us a comprehensive method to correct our pronunciation. His accurate and specific instruction in my pronunciation enabled me to realize how wrong I’d pronounced and to understand how to re-learn the right way.
Both the morning and the afternoon classes enhanced my ability to communicate and express thoughts in a more effective way. In particular, the afternoon class focused on practical scenes such as a job interview and negotiation through which I could learn a lot of manners and customs that should be kept in mind in the U.S. Such cultural differences were what I wished to learn and wouldn’t be able to realize without help of native speakers.

Ms. Azusa Aoki (middle) with her Yale Summer School instructors.

Thanks to this program, I’ll be able to have more confidence than before to manage the situation, if I have an opportunity to study abroad or to work in the international environment in future. Since the professors introduced me several useful sources and methods that I could look up appropriate expressions or enhance speaking skill by myself, I can continue developing English skill after coming back to Japan.
Besides taking classes, the time I spent with my classmates and suitemates was also precious. Especially, a small trip to Boston with the suitemates is a great memory. I couldn’t imagine that I could have such good friends only in 6 weeks who I’d keep in touch with after the course.
If there is anyone who wishes to join this program, I recommend an active participation so that the summer will be very fruitful.