Shintech Trust Fund extended for five more years

Since 2009 FUTI has received, in addition to contributions from individuals, large donations from Shintech Inc, a U.S. subsidiary of Shin Etsu Chemical Co., through its trust fund. The donation through a trust fund is a scheme in which a donor establishes a cash-based trust fund in a trust bank, which serves as its trustee, and the investment income is donated to a beneficiary. (The University of Tokyo had such trust funds established by 15 Japanese corporations 2009, with twelve billion JPY in total for the five year period of 2009- 2013.)
FUTI had a trust of $ 5 millions established in 2009 for the five year period, which will end in 2014. It had generated a total return of $174,926 by October 2011. The recent gracious decision will extend the term by another five years until 2019.
In response to this delightful news said FUTI president Kobayashi, “It is entirely thanks to the generous and considerable donations from Shintech Inc. that we could start offering the research grants and summer award programs in such a scale as we did last year. This gracious decision by Shintech will provide a stable source of revenue, which will allow us to make our grant planning with sufficient continuity. We are most grateful to the management team of Shintech, Inc. and its parent company, Shin-Etsu Chemical Co.”
President Kobayashi visited Shin-Etsu Chemical on November 8th and expressed his gratitude on behalf of the FUTI Board.

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