Seven U.S. Students and Six UTokyo Students receive FOTI Awards

FOTI has selected thirteen outstanding students as recipients of the 2011 FOTI International Leadership Award (FOTI-ILA). This award, which was introduced last year, is intended to nurture future global leaders of the U.S. and Japan by providing financial support to students with leadership quality who plan to take summer courses or to conduct their research as summer interns.

Ms. Tiffany Pang of Yale University, and three students of the University of California at Berkeley (UCB)—Ms. Melissa Milder, Ms. Lisa Bohn and Ms. Kristin Low—will attend the 2011 Global Summer Program (GSP) held at UTokyo as recipients of the FOTI Awards. The GSP is the summer school organized by the IARU (International Alliance of Research Universities), whose ten member universities include UCB and Yale in the U.S. and UTokyo in Japan. Each member university offers several courses: Tiffany of Yale will attend 3 courses: “Introduction to Japanese Language,” “Nanoscience,” and “Japan in Today’s World.” Melissa, Lisa and Kristin of UCB will attend one course each: “Nanoscience,” “Japan in Today’s World,” and “Sustainable Urban Management,” respectively. Out of the six UTokyo students, Mr. Kawato Takeshi and Mr. Zoheir Mottaki will both attend UCB’s GSP course “Media and Society: The Middle East in the Global Context,” while Mr. Yutaro Mochida and Ms. Manae Uchibori will be enrolled in “Human Security and Peacebuilding,” also a GSP organized by UCB. Ms. Azusa Aoki and Mr. Yasuhiro Okazawa will attend Yale’s English Language Institute (ELI).

FOTI will also support three MIT students who will do research as summer interns at UTokyo. Mr. Jose Lobez, a Ph.D. candidate in Chemistry, will be working with Prof. Takuzo Aida. Mr. Shion An, an undergraduate, will be working with Prof. Takeaki Ozawa of the Chemistry Department. Mr. Michael Kotson, also an undergraduate, will be working with Prof. Yasushi Suto of the Physics Department.

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