Information for Current Short-Term Scholarship Recipients

Recipients of FUTI Summer Scholarships are (1) required to submit official reports, and (2) encouraged to post on FUTI’s Facebook page by sending text and pictures to fb [at] as materials for posts.

Be prepared during your study abroad

Please make sure to take photos in and out of the classroom/lab. Classroom settings, presentations, scenic photos, photos of social outings are all welcome.

Stay in touch with FUTI during your study abroad by visiting our Facebook page and posting about your experience.

Guidelines for the official report

Please submit one official report–this is in addition to your postings on the FUTI Facebook page. However, material from your Facebook posts may be used in the report.

  • Length/file format
    • One or more pages single-spaced as a docx/doc file
  • Report format
    • There is no set format and the reports can be written in English or Japanese. It can be written as a diary, a narrative, report, however you like. To read examples please visit the recipient reports page.
  • Photos
    • Several photos embedded in the doc file, as an email attachment, or shared via cloud (resolution of more than 1000px would be appreciated)
    • Include at least one picture of your study/research scene
  • Where to submit

*Please be advised that reports and photos will be published on the FUTI website and may be used on FUTI publications. If you have any specific privacy requests, please let us know in advance.