FUTI has greatly benefitted from the four volunteers described below. The four volunteers introduced below are among the many who have helped FUTI accomplish so much during the past year.

Akiko Uetake

Ms. Akiko Uetake (Economics, MA, 2007) has assisted FUTI in the editing and translation of documents, capitalizing on her finance and accounting background. Ms. Uetake, a Chicago resident, worked for Daiwa Securities in Japan. Currently she is employed by the Tax Division of KPMG –Chicago. As an undergraduate she represented her alma mater in the national beach Frisbee competition.

Nahoko Sato

Ms. Nahoko Sato (Law, MA , 2001) has helped FUTI  as a co-administrator of its Facebook page and provided editorial assistance for newsletters. Ms. Sato, a banker with Norinchukin Bank, received her MBA from Olin Business School, Washington University in St Louis in mid-May, 2012. At the bank her areas of expertise include Basel III, risk management, and investment portfolio analysis. When not working, she enjoys travelling, listening to music, socializing, and reading books.

Kaeko Suzuki Liff

Ms. Kaeko Suzuki Liff (Education, BA, 2007) and Dr. Fumiko Tamura (Economics, BA, 1999 ) not only provided their services at FUTI receptions and other events, but also provided/introduced/suggested ideas for programs that reflect a younger generation’s perspective.
Ms. Liff is President of SUI Associates Co, Ltd., a consulting company, and a freelance journalist. She has organized “sustainable food” events in Princeton, NJ and just launched a “sustainable seafood” manufacturing project in the Philippines.

Ayako Tamura

Dr. Tamura is a Senior Manager and Economist in the Global Transfer Pricing Group at Deloitte in New York.  In her free time, she enjoys playing the piano and trying new recipes she has found online. She is also an avid skier.
When asked about the merit of volunteering for FUTI, Ms Sato noted: “I am excited to have the opportunity to work with fellow alumni and alumnae who share a belief in the importance of supporting UTokyo’s internationalization effort. I find my interactions with them intellectually stimulating. Each time I talk with them, I have something to learn.”
Dr. Hisashi Kobayashi, President of FUTI, commented “The volunteers’ support has made a significant difference to the quality of FUTI’s Facebook page and other programs. FUTI is grateful that despite their busy schedules these volunteers generously contributed their time to support FUTI’s activities.” Dr. Masako Osako, FUTI staff similarly observed, “Volunteers are undeniably important movers of society, as we have seen in the relief effort to aid Higashi Nihon Disaster victims. I am pleased and encouraged that young alumnae such as those introduced in this article took an interest in FUTI and applied their professional talents as volunteers.”

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