Ms. Sumiko Ito, an FUTI Advisory Member, Aids Tohoku Disaster Victims in Japan

Ms. Sumiko Ito, a NY resident with a house in the Town of Karuizawa, invited children and their parents–totaling 84 persons–living in Iwaki City, Fukushima Prefecture to Karuizawa for a three-day visit. This is a joint effort she undertook with residents in Karuizawa. Their activity was reported in the Column Focus of the September 5th issue of a Japanese newspaper, Nihon Keizai Shimbun.
On the first day of their visit to Karuizawa, the children took lessons in trumpet playing and enjoyed outdoor barbecue. On the second day, they were divided into groups, each enjoying hiking on the Asama foothills, walking in the Old Karuizawa district, swimming or tennis lessons.
Ms. Ito commented, “Due to the nuclear plant accident, Fukushima children continue to suffer from a constrained life which is laden with anxiety. We wanted them to breathe deeply the delicious air of Karuizawa.  By capitalizing on the wisdom and talent of concerned Karuizawa residents, we hope to continue this program in the future.”

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