Mr. Sakurai resigns from the Advisory Committee

Mr. Motoatsu Sakurai, who had been a member of the Advisory Committee (AC) since its establishment in June 2009, and had chaired the Committee since April 1, 2011 announced his resignation on April 5, because his duty as the President of Japan Society in New York City does not allow him to spend enough time on FUTI matters, he says. “It is regrettable that Mr. Sakurai cannot continue serving FUTI. I take this opportunity to thank him for his distinguished services of the past years. The Board of Directors is in the middle of clearly defining the role of the AC, by reviewing the draft of an amendment of FUTI bylaws that Messrs. Sakurai, Watanabe and Yamada recently prepared. We would like to reach a conclusion by the next Annual Board Meeting, which will be scheduled in September or October,” said President Kobayashi.

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