Mr. Kazutaka Yamaji Speaks in New York

Yamaji_300On September 26, Friends of UTokyo Inc. (FUTI) hosted, jointly with the NY Icho-kai and Satsuki-kai America, a lecture meeting by Mr. Kazutaka Yamaji, Director General of Development Division, UTokyo, who visited New York to participate in FUTI‘s Annual Board of Directors Meeting (see a related article). The lecture meeting was held at a conference room of Community Resource Exchange (CRE) in the Wall Street district. About 30 alumni and friends attended the meeting, which turned out to be a very lively and stimulating gathering.

Mr. Yamaji (right) discussing with a participant after his speech.

Mr. Yamaji (right) discussing with a participant after his speech.

After FUTI President Hisashi Kobayashi’s welcome greeting, Mr. Yamaji discussed the current status of UTokyo and the challenges it faces, including its globalization and introduction of the four-term system. Having been a Director of the Board at Idemitsu Petrochemical Co., Ltd., and at Memory-Tech Corporation, Mr. Yamaji started his discussion by presenting his view of UTokyo from a “Businessman’s perspective.” His talk was followed by a lively “Q&A” session with the audience, many of whom work for banks or trading companies, or own their private enterprises.
Ms. Yuko Komiya, a staff of UTokyo’s “Taiken Katsudo” (Activities for Experiences)” program team also talked about the program, which started in 2012. She was visiting the New York/New Jersey area for planning and promotion of the program.
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