Message from the New COO

Throughout this year, we have worked on modernizing the operations of FUTI. Our goal was not only to make operations more efficient and reduce the workload of the members of volunteer-operated FUTI, but also to streamline operations and meet the increasingly complicated regulatory compliance requirements as the organization grows.

On the financial side, we have transitioned to using the online tools offered by our bank in order to go paperless and to diversify our data access options.  As a result, fund management at FUTI did not slow down even during the coronavirus pandemic. Additionally, we have instituted a rule by which fund movement above a certain amount will need the approval of two Board members, complying with tighter security standards. On the IT side, we centralized digital data and cleaned up FUTI email addresses, making FUTI better prepared for contingencies. Furthermore, to give FUTI a fresh start after growing for over 10 years, matters relating to the articles of incorporation and the definition of various positions were reviewed and clarified. We hope that with these improvements, responsibilities of various positions have become clearer and matters that could be “lost in translation” will be minimized.

It is our hope to develop our organizational structure further so that our supporters continue to feel confident about the integrity of FUTI as an organization. We look forward to the continued support of our friends and supporters going forward.

Junji Takegami
Vice President, Chief Operating Officer
Friends of UTokyo, Inc.