Message from Dr. Masako Egawa

At the advent of knowledge society, “knowledge” created by the university has enhanced its value, and the global competition among universities has become increasingly fierce. Internationalization is of utmost importance to UTokyo, which aspires to be among the top academic institutions in the world. We are executing various international projects, and making efforts to exchange and nurture researchers and students around the world. As we clearly state in our “action scenario,” we consider it our first priority task to nurture UTokyo students to be resilient, equipped with a vision of international scale and a sense of responsibility for the public.

Friends of UTokyo, Inc. (FUTI) is helping the University of Tokyo accomplish this. FUTI is supporting UTokyo not only by providing grants to joint research and education programs between UTokyo and U.S. universities, but also by focusing its effort on fostering global leaders of the future by awarding “FUTI International Leadership Awards” to promising students.
Those of you who work in the U.S. may often feel that UTokyo must become more globalized. I hope that you will endorse FUTI’s mission to support UTokyo’s determination to “nurture strong global leaders,” and I would like to ask for your continued support of FUTI.

Finally, I would like to thank you for the generous support given to our rescue programs in the aftermath of the great East Japan earthquake. At the University of Tokyo, our staff and students continue these support activities under the motto “To live, together.”

Executive Vice President, University of Tokyo
Dr. Masako Egawa
November 2011

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