Kobayashi gives a keynote on Research of the Future Internet

Professor Hisashi Kobayashi, the FUTI President, gave a keynote entitled “The New Generation Network Project: Its Promises and Challenges” at a NICT (National Institute of Information and Communications Technology)-sponsored conference held at Tokyo Conference Center, Shinagawa, Tokyo on November 9, 2011. The New Generation Network (NWGN for short) aims at a revolutionary leap from the current Internet. Efforts similar to the NWGN are usually referred to as the Future Internet in the U.S. and Europe.
Kobayashi argues, as do many networking researchers, that today’s Internet will soon be unable to cope with the rapidly expanding user population, its insatiable appetite for higher data rates, the increasing threat of cyber attacks, etc., and the basic architectural concept of the Internet must be overhauled and redesigned afresh. The NWGN effort at NICT is a flagship project of such a future Internet research in Japan, for which Kobayashi serves as Executive Advisor. He emphasize the importance of international collaboration as well as competition in pursuit of the future Internet, which is expected to replace the current Internet, probably within the next ten years, because, says Kobayashi, the current “patchwork” cannot go on too much longer. The transition from the current Internet to the future Internet, however, can be done smoothly by using the technique called “network virtualization.” The slides of his presentation are found at http://www.nict.go.jp/presentation/2_H.Kobayashi.pdf, and his 30 minute presentation can be viewed below. The English translation (incomplete) of his speech can be seen by clicking “full text” on Kobayashi’s blog page http://hp.hisashikobayashi.com/?p=199.

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