Kagakusha Network Hosts a Seminar on "A Guidepost for Aspiring Global Leaders in Science" on July 22 in Tokyo

Kagakusha Network (or “Scientist Network”),  a group of young scientists and students who have studied or aspire to study abroad, will organize a symposium entitled “A Guidepost for Aspiring Global Leaders in Science” on July 22, 2012 (Sun), 1:30 pm-5 pm at the Tokyo Kokusai Forum, as a major public  event combined with their First Annual Meeting.
Dr. Keiko Sugimoto (Institute of Physical and Chemical Research, Japan) and Prof. Yuichiro Anzai (President of JSPS, the past President of Keio University) will be keynote speakers, and researchers who have earned their Ph.D. degrees will provide valuable information based on their experiences to those who wish to study abroad.   Admission is free. Advance reservations are required.
For details, see http://www.kagakusha.net/conference

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