(Information updated for 2017 applications)


Summer short-term study abroad internships.

Summer study abroad internship program in a U.S. university that is of a high level. Please inquire about program eligibility by contacting FUTI in advance.

Application Eligibility

Current University of Tokyo students. Eligible majors/specializations include all areas of academic study.

Application Deadline

February 15 in the year the study abroad will take place. In the event that notice of acceptance to the internship program is delayed, applications may be accepted as late as the last day of April.

Recommendation Letter Deadline

The same as the application deadline. Please have your reference send a recommendation letter directly to recommendfriendsofutokyo.org in either Japanese or English. Information about your reference (name, phone, email) will be required on the FUTI application form.

Scholarship Amount

The scholarship amount is determined by appropriateness based on the overall study abroad expenses. In general this amount is $3,000-$4,000. Please note that support to those applying through the University of Tokyo in conjunction with or receiving the JASSO scholarship will be limited to a travel grant and/or direct payment to the study abroad university for school expenses. The scholarship is awarded to a few recipients each year. FUTI does not discourage accepting additional scholarships from other sources, but if applying to or receiving other scholarships please notify FUTI.


For questions that have not already been answered on the FAQ page, please contact awardfriendsofutokyo.org.

If you are a student in Japan, affiliated with UTokyo (e.g., a matriculated student at UTokyo, a visiting student at UTokyo or have some collaborative arrangement with UTokyo through your advisor) and plan to conduct research in a U.S. institution as a summer intern and wish to apply for financial support from FUTI, please contact us as early as possible at awardfriendsofutokyo.org, including information about your host institution in the U.S. and your host professor/researcher.

In order to apply for a FUTI Award, submit the following materials (1-5) using FUTI’s web-based online application system by the due date. The due date is February 15. Refer to the detailed text below for exceptions to this rule.

  1. Information about yourself, including your relation with UTokyo. The name, email and phone number of a person in charge of the study abroad program office at your university.
  2. Information about your host in a U.S. institution, department/laboratory, your host professor/researcher and his/her phone and email address.
  3. Plan of your summer internship, including a research/study topic, the period, and a brief statement describing what you want to accomplish in the summer.
  4. A copy of your transcript (i.e., academic record) and TOEFL/IETLS/TOEIC test result. In addition, in the case of UTokyo and possibly other universities where automatically calculated GPA’s are not shown in the transcript, follow the procedures described in this GPA calculator page to calculate GPA’s by yourself and attach the calculation table together with the transcript.
  5. Your brief CV (curriculum vitae in English), including your academic background, work experiences, thesis or research topics (if any), extracurricular activities, publications & reports, awards & prizes (e.g., scholarships). Be sure to include the name, phone and email address of your reference, whom you have asked to write a recommendation letter.
    FUTI regards leadership and vitality important. Express them in your CV.
  6. Please ask your reference well in advance to email a recommendation letter (either in English or Japanese) directly to recommendfriendsofutokyo.org. Please note that the application and reference letter are due on the same date.

Since there is no “save” feature on the online application form, please be sure to gather all required documents and information before you begin.

All inquiries should be addressed to awardfriendsofutokyo.org but please first visit our FAQ page to see if your question has already been answered.

We will notify you about our decision by the last week of April (May), if you will have applied by February 15 (April).