(Updated for 2018 application)

Programs/Internships IARU GSP UTRIP UTSIP ESEP Other
Description of programs/internships Shorter exchange programs among IARU universities.


Internship at School of Sciences at Hongo, Tokyo.


Internship at School of Frontier Sciences at Kashiwa City.


Internship at School of Engineering at Hongo, Tokyo.


Summer programs/Internships found by yourself in UTokyo.
Eligibility for FUTI Scholarships
  1. You must be a student in universities/colleges in US, regardless of nationalities or citizenships.
  2. You must satisfy the eligibility of the program/internship above, be admitted to and participate in it. Not necessary to satisfy everything at the time of application.
An undergraduate or graduate student of Yale or UCB, the members of IARU in US A natural science undergraduate student in US An undergraduate student interested in a graduate school in Japan An undergraduate or graduate student of US universities among the list in the website Send your inquiry for eligibility of the program/internship to FUTI
Typical award amount $3,000 including a room charge $4,000 including a room charge $2,000 in case of a free room Up to $4,000 depending on the situation
Duplicate Scholarship Application Each program/internship has, as FUTI understands, its own scholarship program.  You can apply for both but can’t get both.  FUTI scholarship is designed to be slightly more beneficial and more prestigious.
Application Please submit the following materials through FUTI’s online application system, separately from your application to UTokyo programs/internships.

Since we do not provide any “save” feature, we recommend you first to look at the application system and to be sure that you have gathered all the required information before you begin.

  1. Information about yourself, including your name, school and department, major field of study, and year (e.g., junior year, 2nd year graduate student), and the study abroad program office of your university.Also information, if applicable, about your host in UTokyo or its affiliated institution, department/laboratory, your host professor/researcher and their phone and email address.
  2. An essay written in English, about 500 words long.  The most important point in it is a clear statement of your objectives of participation in the summer program/internship in relation with your career objectives and future contribution plan.  It is also your opportunity to demonstrate your ability to express ideas in your own words.
  3. A copy of your transcript (i.e., academic record).
  4. Your brief CV (curriculum vitae) , including your academic background, work experiences, thesis or research topics (if any), extracurricular activities, publications & reports, awards & prizes (e.g., scholarships). FUTI regards leadership and vitality important. Express them in your CV.
  5. Name, phone and email address of your reference, whom you have asked to write a recommendation letter. The recommendation letter can be in either Japanese or English. Please ask your reference (i.e., recommender) well in advance to email a recommendation letter directly to .
Application Forms 2018 Applications are now closed. 2018 Applications are now closed. 2018 Applications are now closed. 2018 Applications are now closed. 2018 Applications are now closed.
Application Deadline End of February, 2018.  Note that the deadline for the recommendation letters is the same. The same but (Note 1)
Evaluation Your application is evaluated on (1) the objectives of study abroad expressed in your essay, (2) academic performances considering differences of schools, (3) leadership and vitality expressed in your CV and (4) the recommendation.

FUTI will notify you about the decision by the last week of April.  (In case your deadline might be extended to April because of Note 1, the result would be notified by the last week of May.)

(Note 1) The same as in other programs.  But if you have any reasons for which the deadline can’t be met, tell FUTI so.  Depending on the reasons, FUTI may make an exception to extend the deadline to the end of April.

(Note) All inquiries should be submitted through this form but please first visit our FAQ page to see if your question has already been answered.