“Go Global Study Abroad Fair 2014” held at the Komaba Campus

GoGlobal1 “Go Global 2014,” a fair to encourage UTokyo students to study abroad, was held at the Komaba Campus on May 29th (Thu) and 30th (Fri), 2014. The objectives of the Fair are to convey to UTokyo students the significance and importance of studying abroad and experiencing different cultures, and to motivate and help them to consider overseas study opportunities in the early years of their undergraduate studies. This is the fourth year since this annual fair was introduced in 2011.
The plenary session for general information held on the first day was attended by approximately 560 students. On the second day, individual counseling sessions were provided by representatives from the College of Arts and Sciences, the Division of International Affairs, foreign governments’ affiliated organizations, and NGO/NPOs (both domestic and abroad), and were attended by about 320 students. These numbers represent a sizable increase compared with last year, when 450 participated in the plenary session and approximately 300 in the individual counseling sessions.
GoGlobal2In the plenary session, Dr. Masako Egawa, Executive Vice President of UTokyo, gave a welcome speech, followed by talks by two alumni, Mr. Yoshihisa Yamada (Executive Vice President, Rakuten, Inc.) and Ms. Terumi Ishii (a comedian who belongs to Watanabe Entertainment Co.). Their talks were centered around such key phrases as “career and overseas study” and “global human resources.” For the individual counseling sessions, 32 organizations, including FUTI, set up their booths, answered individual inquiries and gave advice to the visitors.
GoGlobal3FUTI’s booth was visited by 30 students during the three and a half hour period. Ms. Azumi Tezuka and Mr. Yasuyuki Izumi of the Development Division at the Hongo Campus represented FUTI. They report, “A sizable number of freshmen and sophomores showed their interest in studying abroad, even for a short period of time.” Their interest appears to indicate that the University’s policy, which encourages many students to gain some international experience, including short-term studies and summer programs, has begun to permeate among the UTokyo students. “Some students already knew about FUTI, indicating FUTI’s name recognition has begun to improve. They also appear to recognize a feature of FUTI in that ‘Alumni are supporting UTokyo from America’ as a unique advantage, not shared by other scholarship organizations,” say Ms. Tezuka and Mr. Izumi.
GoGlobal4They received a variety of comments and questions such as “The amount of FUTI Scholarship seems generous, so I will seriously consider it.” “What is the selection criterion? Is the application competitive?” and “Would FUTI consider supporting a one-year study abroad?”

The following is a list of the 32 organizations/units that set up the counseling booths on the second day.

  • British Council
  • Embassy of Canada to Japan
  • Embassy of Australia in Japan
  • Education USA/Fulbright Japan
  • The Finish Institute in Japan
  • French Government Study Abroad Office
  • DAAD (Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst; German Academic Exchange Service)
  • Education Dept ., Embassy of the People’s Republic of China in Japan
  • HSK Japan (HSK stands for Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi, or Chinese Proficiency Test)
  • Japan Student Services Organization (JASSO)
  • Friends of UTokyo, Inc.
  • VIA (Volunteer in Asia)
  • SAF (The Study Abroad Foundation)
  • Japan Infosys Ltd.
  • IAESTE Japan (The International Association for the Exchange of Students for Technical Experience)
  • AIESEC in Japan
  • Council on International Educational Exchange-Japan (CIEE)
  • Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA)
  • Never-ending International work Campus Exchange (NICE)
  • The International Affairs Division of UTokyo
  • The Go Global Office of UTokyo
  • Hands-on Activities Program Promotion Team of UTokyo
  • UTokyo Global Leadership Education Program
  • The Career Support Office of UTokyo
  • The School of Liberal Arts AIKOM (Abroad in Komaba) Committee of UTokyo
  • College of Arts and Sciences, UTokyo
  • School of Sciences, UTokyo
  • School of Engineering, Globalization Promotion Section, UTokyo
  • Graduate School of Information Science and Technology, UTokyo
  • UTokyo India Office
  • International Student Exchange Corner

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