Endowment Funds: For Stable Growth of FUTI

The purpose of Endowment Funds is to secure financial stability in FUTI’s activities for many years to come. Money, securities and other assets donated into an endowment fund will be invested by a professional fund manager appointed by FUTI. If you check “Towards FUTI Endowment Fund,” your gift will be poured into FUTI’s general Endowment Fund.

We would like corporate sponsors and generous individuals to consider establishing a special Endowment Fund that carries your own name or any individual (or organization) to whom you wish to pay a tribute, for instance, your parent, loved one or your teacher. We encourage you to make a pledge of $50,000, $100,000, $250,000, $500,000 or $1,000,000, which can be paid in installment over a period of five years.

Although the fund belongs to FUTI, we will accommodate your preference as much as possible with regard to the investment style (conservative, moderate, somewhat aggressive). A $100,000 endowment fund is expected to generate $5,000 a year, if the investment return is 5% (after deducting the fund management company’s commission). We will also consult with you on what programs should be supported by your endowment fund. If you are interested in, for instance, supporting our summer internship program, the investment income from your fund will comfortably support one summer intern every year. Your name will then be printed and signed by you as his/her sponsor in the award certificate to be given to the selected outstanding student.

If you find the worthwhile cause of FUTI activities to be very much in line with your desire to nurture talented and aspiring students to become global leaders of tomorrow, establishing your own Endowment Fund with of FUTI will be a great way to achieve your objective. FUTI will be working with you to fulfill your dream to return a portion of what you have earned to the good cause for our future generations. We would like to recognize your generosity by announcing your donation in an FUTI Newsletter and FUTI Website, if you permit, when you make a pledge to establish an Endowment Fund with its first installment payment, which is no less than 20% of the pledged amount with an installment payment schedule agreed upon between you and FUTI. For further inquiry, please contact us here.

“What you do for yourselves alone dies with you. What you do for future generations remains and is immortal” — A modification of a proverb by Albert Pine (1861-1937).