FUTI to Launch Fireside Chats for UTokyo’s International Alumni and Friends; You Are Invited to Fill the Alumni Survey!

Dr. Geeta Mehta and Dr. Masako Osako, Board members of Friends of UTokyo (FUTI) in charge of international alumni networking, are pleased to  announce the launch of Fireside Chat series for UTokyo’s international alumni and friends, which will begin in mid-July in New York City. Please do fill the online survey at forms.gle/HJecFqC2hQ1ncph48 so that it is your ideas that inform the chats.

The purpose of the series is to encourage dialogues among UTokyo international alumni and friends and develop a supportive network for them. Fireside Chats will  provide a platformfor alumni to discuss their books, research, projects and current affairsetc. in an informal setting. We expect the Chats to take place several times throughout the year, welcoming all UTokyo international and other alumni.

Dr. Mehta and Dr. Osako’s message about FUTI’s launch of Fireside Chats Series for UTokyo’s International Alumni and Friends:

We are so excited to be creating, with your help, our in-person (and/or online) Fireside Chat series in New York, starting in the summer of 2022. This will be an opportunity for all our alumni, including international alumni, to connect, learn about each other, and celebrate the ongoing achievements of UTokyo. As the first step in this planning, we request you to fill in the survey at forms.gle/HJecFqC2hQ1ncph48 Kindly reply by June 20, 2022.

We want YOU to help design the Fireside Chats the way you want! These could include a brief presentation/dialogue on topics of interest to you such as your favorite books, research, projects, current affairs and more. These could be followed by socializing and networking over some food and drinks.  

Looking forward to receiving your completed survey by June 20, 2022 and seeing you in the near future.  

Geeta Mehta, Ph.D.
Board member, Friends of UTokyo, Ltd. (International Alumni Networking)
Adjunct Professor of Urban Design, Columbia University
Founder and President, Asia Initiatives  

Masako Osako, Ph.D.
Board Member, Friends of UTokyo. Ltd. (Public Relations)
Executive Director, International Longevity Global Alliance, Ltd.