FUTI Receives Major Gift from Mixi Founder Kenji Kasahara

FUTI is pleased to announce that it has received one of its largest donations ever. The donation from Mr. Kenji Kasahara of Tokyo, Japan, the amount of which is not publicly disclosed, will be used for grants and awards to expand the scholarship, summer internship and research grant programs this fiscal year of 2015-2016.
Mr. Kasahara who is the founder of Mixi, Inc., a Japanese social networking service, and a University of Tokyo alumnus, described the donation as “something that I hope will provide future opportunities to the younger generation who has adventurous spirits and passion for global collaborations.”
“As an entrepreneur,” said Mr. Kasahara, a member of the class of 1998, “I cannot emphasize enough how important it is to do things we do not normally do.  I wish that my donation will enable more students to experience something unique that opens their eyes to a new world while on a program offered by FUTI, whether it be an internship, research or studying abroad.”
The GLA, the Global Leadership Award scholarship program sponsored by FUTI, has benefited approximately 70 students internationally since it started in 2010.
“We are entering the 6th year of the summer scholarship program,” said Prof. Hisashi Kobayashi, FUTI’s former president.  “Thanks to generous donations by both alumni and non-alumni alike, we have been able to continue our activities with the ultimate goal of enhancing the quality of education and research around the University of Tokyo community.  Monetary as well as time donations (volunteers) are critical for us to continue to fulfill the mission of FUTI.”
As part of its fundraising campaign efforts, FUTI is now diversifying its donor pool by gaining broader support from various individuals and organizations.

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