FUTI is pleased to welcome Prof. Takatoshi Ito and Mr. Junji Takegami as new Board members, and announces additional responsibilities for Board members

At the Board meeting held on September 28, 2019, the FUTI Board appointed Prof. Takatoshi Ito, Columbia University, and Mr. Junji Takegami, co-founder and advisor, Tiger Pacific, as Board members. They both had served as Advisory Committee members prior to these appointments.

FUTI Board also announced the following additional responsibilities for the following Board members:

Prof. Iwao Ojima and Prof. Masaaki Yamada will serve as the Directors of University Relations.

  • Dr. Shigenori Matsushita will serve as the Director of Scholarship Programs.
  • Ms. Nobuko Sakurai will serve as the Director of FUTI Alumni Association Relations.
  • Dr. Yuichiro Kuwama will continue as the Director of Financial Affairs.
  • Ms. Sumiko Ito will serve as a Member of the Scholarship Committee.

In addition, Mr. Katsuyuki Yamaguchi (President, New York Icho-kai) joined the FUTI Advisory Committee as Ex-officio member.

Dr. Iwao Ojima, President of FUTI says, “We are very fortunate to have Prof. T. Ito and Mr. Takegami as new Board Members who are experts in economics and business. We have also appointed a kind of Executive Directors whose tasks are well defined. I believe these appointments will streamline and facilitate FUTI’s various activities. I also greatly appreciate Director S. Ito and Prof. S. Koide for serving in the Scholarship Committee. We also welcome Mr. Yamaguchi to the Advisory Committee in addition to four new members (Drs. Nakayama, Osako, Suzuki and A. Koide) who joined the Committee earlier this year. With those new appointments, anticipated productive collaborations with the UT-NY Office, and establishment of the FUTI Alumni Association, FUTI has bright prospects for fulfilling its mission.”