FUTI Award for a Berkeley Senior who Participates in a Summer Internship Program at UTokyo

The Award Committee of Friends of UTokyo, Inc. (FUTI) has decided to grant a FUTI Summer Scholarship (a.k.a. FUTI Global Leadership Award) to Ms. Jenny Byun, a senior at the University of California, Berkeley, who has been selected to participate in the University of Tokyo Summer Innovation Program in Kashiwa (or UTSIP Kashiwa for short), which is a two-year old program sponsored by the Graduate School of Frontier Sciences at the Kashiwa Campus, UTokyo. Ms. Byun is the UTSIP participant that FUTI supports. She is a double major in political science and integrative biology at Berkeley and hopes to acquire in-depth knowledge in the application of innovation in business ventures by attending the workshops and case-studies offered at UTSIP.
The UTSIP program is interdisciplinary in its nature and aims at providing “an opportunity for students to expose themselves to cutting-edge research in the natural sciences and social sciences.” This summer 30 international students, selected from leading universities around the world, will participate in the program and share their experiences with a group of 30 UTokyo students.
With the addition of Ms. Byun, the number of the 2014 FUTI scholarship recipients is twenty, thirteen of whom are UTokyo students who will study at U.S. universities and seven are U.S. students who will participate in various summer courses or internship programs at UTokyo. For details, please see a related article in FUTI Newsletter No. 10.

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