FUTI Appoints Dr. Yumi Nakayama, President of Satsuki-kai America, and Dr. Masako Osako, President of Chicago Akamon-kai, as Ex-officio Members of the Advisory Committee

At the Board Meeting held on April 15, 2019, the FUTI Board appointed Dr. Yumi Nakayama, newly elected President of Satsuki-kai America, and Dr. Masako Osako, President of Chicago Akamon-kai, as ex-officio members of the Advisory Committee. This action reflects FUTI’s commitment to work closely with UTokyo alumni associations in the U.S. They will join Presidents of San Francisco Akamon-kai and Stanford Silicon Valley Akamon-kai as ex-officio members.

Prof. Geeta Mehta, Advisory Committee member, remarks, “We are pleased to have Drs. Nakayama and Osako as new members of the Committee. I hope that their appointments will help their organizations’ members better understand FUTI’s programs and needs. Drs. Nakayama and Osako have been helping FUTI by inviting our scholarship awardees to their lectures and other events. We would like to have the presidents of other UTokyo alumni groups in the US to join the Advisory Committee as new members.”

Ms. Nakayama is Scientist I at Celgene Corporation specializing in hermatology/oncology. Satsuki-kai America has a nation-wide membership of about 100 alumnae with chapters in New York, Boston, DC, and Chicago. Prior to the appointment as President, Ms. Nakayama served the alumni association for over 7 years as Director. Please find her bio narrative at the FUTI About page.

Ms. Osako, gerontologist, is Executive Director of the International Longevity Center Global Alliance, an international NGO with member centers in 15 countries. Chicago Akamon-kai has a membership of about 90, many of whom are affiliated with the University of Chicago and Northwestern University. Dr. Osako has supported the alumni association for the last several years by leading its Taiken program for UTokyo students and other programs. Please find her bio at the FUTI About page.

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