FUTI Appoints Dr. Ito, Columbia University Professor, Mr. Takegami, Managing Partner at TIGER PACIFIC CAPITAL LP, and Dr. Hasegawa, President of the Stanford-Silicon Valley Akamon-kai, as new Member of the Advisory Committee

At the Board meeting held on April 16, 2018, the FUTI Board appointed Dr. Takatoshi Ito, Professor at Columbia University, Mr. Junji Takegami, managing partner at TIGER PACIFIC CAPITAL LP,  and Dr. Tai Hasegawa, President of the Silicon Valley Akamon-kai, as Member of the Advisory Committee.
Prof. Hisashi Kobayashi, Chair of the Advisory Committee remarks “We are much delighted and thankful that Prof. Takatoshi Ito, Mr. Junji Takegami and Dr. Tai Hasegawa have kindly accepted our request to serve as new advisory members.  Professor Ito, a renowned economist, has helped FUTI by speaking already twice in our lecture series. We will count on his advice, if the scholarship committee receives applications for the FUTI scholarship from students who major in economics and other social science disciplines.  Mr. Takegami , in addition to be a regular donor, has graciously allowed us to hold our meetings in his company’s huge conference room, located near the Grand Central Station.  Dr. Hasegawa has built an active Akamonkai with over 200 UTokyo alumni in the Silicon Valley and Stanford Univ. region.  Together with Dr. Karasaki, the President of Akamonkai in the San Francisco and Bay area, Dr. Hasegawa’s participation will help us further increase our visibility in the West Coast.”
The bios of the new Advisory Committee members are shown below as they are provided to FUTI.

Takatoshi Ito
Professor of International and Public Affairs, School of International and Public Affairs, Columbia University;
Director, Program on Public Pension and Sovereign Funds; Associate Director of Research, Center on Japanese Economy and Business, Columbia Business School
Takatoshi Ito, Professor at the School of International and Public Affairs of Columbia University, has taught extensively both in the United States and Japan since finishing his Ph.D. in economics at Harvard University in 1979. He taught at the University of Minnesota (1979-1988), Hitotsubashi University (1988-2002), and the University of Tokyo (2004-2014) before assuming his current position in 2015. He held visiting professor positions at Harvard University, Stanford University, Columbia Business School, and the University of Malaya. He has held distinguished academic and research appointments such as President of the Japanese Economic Association in 2004; Fellow of the Econometric Society since 1992; and Research Associate at the National Bureau of Economic Research since 1985. Ito served as Senior Advisor in the Research Department at the International Monetary Fund and as Deputy Vice Minister for International Affairs at the Ministry of Finance of Japan, and was a member of the Prime Minister’s Council on Economic and Fiscal Policy. He is the author of many books, including The Japanese Economy, and more than 60 refereed journal papers. He frequently contributes op-ed columns to the Financial Times. In June 2011, the Government of Japan awarded him with the Medal with Purple Ribbon in for his excellent academic achievement.

Dr. Tai Hasegawa is the president of the Henry Taube Institute, a non-profit organization founded in Palo Alto in honor of his mentor (1983 Nobel laureate).  Hasegawa-san obtained his BS, MS and Ph.D. in Chemistry from the U. of Tokyo, and did his research at the Institute of Physical Science, the Polish Academy of Sciences in Warsaw, until joining the Chemistry Department of Stanford University.  He got a tenured research professorship at the Institute of Molecular Medical Sciences, former Biochemistry division of the Linus Pauling Institute (Dr. Pauling is the only person so far to win two unshared Nobel Prizes, 1954 and 1962) before establishing the Henry Taube Institute. He likes to play various instruments including the violin, the viola, and the piano, and is an active member of Palo Alto Philharmonic and Choral Cosmo. He is the president of the Stanford Silicon Valley Akamon-kai, an alumni group of the U. of Tokyo for Stanford and Silicon Valley area members. He is also the president of the Silicon Valley Japan Association.

Junji Takegami is one of the co-founders of TIGER PACIFIC CAPITAL LP, a New York based long/short equity hedge fund where he is responsible for its research efforts in Japan.
Prior to founding TPC, he was a Managing Director at Tiger Asia Management, another  New York based long/short equity hedge fund, where he joined in 2005.
Prior to Tiger Asia, he worked at the Industrial Bank of Japan (currently merged into Mizuho Financial Group) in the Project Finance and Corporate Finance areas.
He holds an MBA from Harvard Business School and BA in Economics from the University of Tokyo. Born and raised in Tokyo, Japan, he spent five years of his youth in London.

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