Fundraising Campaign Continues

As we announced in the November issue (Issue No. 3), we have been actively pursuing our third annual campaign to raise fund for FUTI’s scholarships and research grants. We are thankful to many of you who have already kindly responded to our request. This article is a reminder to those who have overlooked Dr. Masako Egawa’s message, President Junichi Hamada’s message or FUTI President Hisashi Kobayashi’s message.
As for cash donations, mailing a check, or donating online from FUTI’s website using a credit card, will be the easiest, although a donation by wire transfer is also available. Please refer to the “Giving” page of our website.
An interim report of our campaign results as of January 25th, 2012 is now posted in the News section on the home page of our website. It will be updated periodically as we receive your donation.

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