Fundraising Campaign Continues: Interim Report and Reminder


As we announced in Newsletter No. 6, we have been actively pursuing our fourth Annual Campaign to raise fund for FUTI’s scholarships and research grant programs. We are thankful to many of you who have already graciously responded to our request. As you can find in related articles in this issue, the visibility of our summer scholarship program among UTokyo students is up, and the number of students in U.S. universities who wish to do summer internship at UTokyo exceeded 120, more than double, compared with the last year. As you may be aware, about one half of the fund for FUTI to support the programs consists of the dividends from Shintech, Inc. (a U.S. subsidiary of Shinetsu Kagaku Co.) Trust Fund, and the remaining half relies on donations from our alumni and friends like yourself.

The donations we have received from July 2012 till April 8, 2013 comprise $57,560 (from 68 individuals) and $ 60,344 from dividends of Shintech Inc’s Trust Fund, with the total amounting to $117,864. The number of individual donors and their total amounts are somewhat lower than those we had by this time last year. They were $59,605 (from 72 individuals), $60,233 (Shintech’s dividends), for a total of $119,838. We would like to maintain, at the least, the same level of commitments to both scholarships and research grants as in the last year. We would like to ask you once again for your generous support so that we can exceed last year’s level in the remaining two and a half months.

In order to make cash donations, mailing a check, or donating online from FUTI’s website using a credit card, will be the easiest, although a donation by wire transfer is also available. Please refer to the “Giving” page of our website.

An interim report of our campaign results as of April 8, 2013 is now posted in the News section on the home page of our website. It will be updated periodically as we receive your donation.

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