FUTI President Kobayashi Receives the C&C Prize

KobayashiCCPrizeFUTI President Hisashi Kobayashi received the 2012 C&C (Computer & Communications) Prize. The citation of his award reads “For his pioneering and leading contribution both to the invention of high-density and highly reliable digital recording technology and to the creation and development of a performance evaluation methodology for computer and communication systems.” http://www.candc.or.jp/en/2012/group_b.html
The C&C Prize, sponsored by the NEC C&C Foundation (President Hajime Sasaki), is awarded to two groups annually in recognition of their outstanding contributions to research and development and/or pioneering work in the fields of semiconductors, computers, and/or telecommunications and in their integrated technologies. A list of the past recipients can be found at  http://www.candc.or.jp/en/recipient.html
The other 2012 C&C Prize went to the group of Prof. Osamu Yamada of Waseda University, Dr. Toru Kuroda and Mr. Masayuki Takada of NHK Research Lab in recognition of “Their outstanding leadership in the research and development of the ISDB-T digital terrestrial television broadcasting system.” The award ceremony was held at ANA Intercontinental Hotel in Tokyo on November 28, 2012. (http://www.candc.or.jp/en/2012/ceremony.html).
For further details of the C&C Prize news, visit http://www.princeton.edu/engineering/news/archive/?id=9989
For the slides, http://hp.hisashikobayashi.com/the-2012-cc-computer-communications-prize/

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