The Fifth Annual Campaign Not as Successful as in the Past

The annual fundraising campaign in FY 2013/14 (July 1, 2013-June 30, 2014) concluded with a total revenue of approximately $110,000. This result, however, does not match those of the previous two years, which were $139,000 and $131,000, respectively (see figure below).

This substantial decline is largely attributable to the reduction in the income from Shintech Inc’s Trust Fund, due to the continued erosion in the earnings of U.S. treasury notes, in which the Trust has been exclusively invested.
The number of individual donors decreased by 19% from 73 of the previous year to 59 this year, although the total amount of individual donations did not decline as much: it has decreased by 7.6%, from $61,320 to $56,660.
The pie chart below shows a breakdown of the individuals’ donations by group or region. Out of the $56,660 donations from 59 individuals, $28,000 came from 12 members of FOTI Board of Directors and Advisory Committee members; $16,060 came from 20 alumni in Japan; $6,750 from 18 alumni in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut (excluding those who serve on FOTI’s Board or Advisory Committee); $4,100 from 5 alumni in California and Washington States, $1,250 from 2 alumni in Illinois, and $500 from two alumni in Texas.
This breakdown by region is similar to that of the previous year (shown below). We note that the donations from CA & WA, NY, NJ & CT and Japan increased by $3,300, $1,450, and $540, respectively, whereas the donations from the Board and Advisory Committee members, and alumni in IL declined by $2,800 and $3,300, respectively.
“We are sincerely thankful to Shintech Inc. and many individual donors who continue to support our activities. In order to maintain the current level of summer scholarship and research grant programs, however, we must broaden our support base. Anticipated earnings from Shintech’s Trust Fund do not seem encouraging in this fiscal year. We desperately need more alumni and friends to join us to help our younger generation gain global experiences to be prepared for this increasingly competitive global economy and complex world politics,” remarked President Hisashi Kobayashi.
The list of donors is posted in “Campaign Result of FY2013-2014: Final Report” on the FUTI website.
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