February 2013 Special Issue of Journal “Mathematical Seminar” (in Japanese) in Honor of Shoshichi Kobayashi

Hyoshi-300The February 2013 issue of Journal “Mathematical Seminar” (in Japanese) is a special issue in honor of Shoshichi Kobayashi of U.C. Berkeley, who unexpectedly passed away on August 29, 2012. He was an emeritus professor of mathematics at the U.C. Berkeley and was the oldest member of the San Francisco Akamon-kai (the alumni group of UTokyo in the San Francisco region). This issue traces the achievements of Prof. Kobayashi since his early days, whose contributions to differential geometry and the theory of complex manifolds have been internationally well recognized, and influenced many mathematicians not only in Japan but also in the world.
Table of Contents

  • [Critical Biography] Recollection of Prof. Shoshichi Kobayashi―Takushiro Ochiai
  • Remembering my big brother Shoshichi―Hisashi Kobayashi
  • My friend Shoshichi Kobayashi―Akio Hattori
  • Memory of my friend Shoshichi Kobayashi―Ichiro Satake,
  • Some conjectures and solutions in the Kähler geometry―Keizo Hasegawa
  • From theory of curved surfaces to differential geometry ― Yoshiaki Maeda
  • Holomorphic mappings and complex manifolds: Kobayashi’s metric― Junjiro Noguchi
  • Geometry with spacious symmetry―Makiko Tanaka
  • Achievements and legacies of Prof. Shoshichi Kobayashi:
  • Kobayashi-Hitchen correspondence―Toshiki Mabuchi

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