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  • Tue

    How Can the University of Tokyo Expand Its Influence Globally?

    8:30PM-9:30PM ETONLINE
     Title: How Can The University of Tokyo Expand Its Influence Globally?
    Aug 9, 2024, Friday, 8.30pm-9.30pm+ (EDST) [Saturday, Aug 10, 9.30am~10.30am+, Japan] ONLINE
    Friends of UTokyo is pleased to present this online dialogue featuring three distinguished alumni: Professor Iwao Ojima, Mr. Ko-Yung Tung and Ms. Eri Furusawa. Dr. Ojima is an internationally renowned scientist and the Distinguished Professor of Chemistry at the State University of New York at Stony Brook. Mr. Tung, Esq., is an eminent international lawyer, scholar, and global business and strategy advisor, as well as a UTokyo alumnus. Ms. Eri Furusawa is an HR&A professional, an urban planner, and supports public- and private-sector clients on issues of equitable governance, inclusive community engagement, and climate change. Prof. Geeta Mehta will chair this event with Dr. Masako Osako facilitating the optional social gathering section. (All bios are at this page).
    This event is part of a series created to bring together UTokyo international alumni for encouraging dialogues among UTokyo alumni and friends.
    The University of Tokyo is committed to serving the global public as outlined in the University charter. Under the leadership of the former President Gonokami in 2017, the University of Tokyo created the Future Society Initiatives (FSI) and has undertaken a variety of measures, including “the expansion of diversity and inclusiveness, the international visibility of UTokyo's potential, and the fostering of human resources capable of leading GX (green transformation)." Under the leadership of the current President, Prof. Fujii, the University has launched an initiative to establish a “College of Design” (tentative name) as part of its efforts to "create a model university for the 21st Century". Capitalizing on the extensive and diverse international experience of participating alumni, we expect to come up with deeper insight into the initiative as well as suggestions as to how alumni may help the university’s efforts, which will be conveyed to the office of the President Fujii.
    Format:          Zoom invite will be sent to people who RSVP
    Language:      English (panel discussion), English and Japanese (Q and A)
    RSVP:             Please RSVP by August 6 using the online registration form ( or email info [at]  with 1) your name, 2) email address, 3) major and year of graduation at Tokyo, 4) current affiliation, 5) questions for the presenters.
    Organizer:      Friends of UTokyo (
    Co-sponsors: Satsuki-kai America, FUTI Alumni Association (to be confirmed) and others
    Note: Photos taken during the session may be used in FUTI’s online and offline publications. Please inform the organizer prior to the lecture if you do not wish to be included in the photos.


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  • Thu

    Challenges of Abenomics Stage II

    UTokyo New York Office

    Lecturer: Prof. Takatoshi Ito
    Columbia University, School of International Public Affairs, and National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies

    Supported by: UTokyo New York Office, Satsuki-kai America