Environmental Leadership Program

Yuichi Yokoyama

First of all, I would like to appreciate all supports from the committee and staff members of FUTI Scholarship. In this report, I express short overview of my days in Berkeley.

I participated in “Environmental Leadership Program” at UC Berkeley. The number of participants was about 30 and the number of their countries was more than 20. Most of them have jobs and only 3 students took part in the program. I had great experience with them as a student and had many opportunities to think about my future life. Through courses of the program, I was studying not only environmental problems, but also leadership and communication. All classes were amazing. I was totally satisfied with all courses and activities. I would like to introduce activities with pictures below.

This is my name card. I took classes with this card.

As a part of field courses, I visited Golden Gate Park.

They practiced using chopsticks. I taught my friends how to use them. They managed to use them, but some of my friends gave up.

With my friends, I was playing basketball at a gym in the university.

As a part of field courses, I visited urban farm. There was huge farm lands and many kinds of plants were raised.

Lunch at Chinese restaurant

I did introduction speech wearing a jinbei.

We played football after class. All members were from different countries.

Picture of all participants

I am very happy that I share my experiences with the committee members. I enjoyed all activities through the program. In the end of report, I would like to express my appreciation for FUTI.

Thank you.