Engrave your name on the Yasuda Auditorium

YasudaKodoTo commemorate important occasions, such as wedding anniversary (silver, pearl, or gold), significant birthday (60th, 69th, 77th, 80th, 88th, 90th), university entrance, retirement, graduation, etc.
To express your gratitude to your professor or to your parents
To celebrate your child, a major reunion of your class, an anniversary sport event
The University of Tokyo (UTokyo) offers a variety of privileges to express its gratitude to those who have donated to the university. They include the posting of your engraved nameplate on the wall of the Yasuda Auditorium*, a commemorative plate as a gift, invitation to convivial meetings and other events. For details, please visit the following URLs:
UTokyo receives a good deal of cooperation from FUTI, which supports activities of UTokyo from America. Until recently UTokyo’s donor privileges were not available to FUTI donors, because their gifts were not directly given to the University. However, their intention is the same as that of donors to UTokyo in that they are “ to support UTokyo.” Therefore, from Fiscal Year (FY) 2013, UTokyo acknowledges gifts to FUTI and offers certain privileges to FUTI donors as well.
YasudaKodoWallAs a result, the nameplates of eight FUTI donors have been posted in the current FY on the wall of the Yasuda Auditorium. From now on, FUTI and the office of UTokyo Foundation (Kikin) will coordinate and provide FUTI donors with various information and invitations. We would be delighted if you could come to view the nameplates or participate in events hosted by the UTokyo Foundation.
In determining the aggregate amount of your donations, we add all of your gifts since the inception of FUTI. If you have also donated to the UTokyo Foundation, that will be also included in calculating your total gifts.
UTokyo has received donations from a wide range of donors, including alumni, non-alumni, and corporations. However, we are still far behind compared with Europe and the United States in the permeation of a “donation culture.” We also hope that the existence of FUTI will have a positive effect on UTokyo’s fundraising activities in Japan.
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us by email at kikinatadm.u-tokyo.ac.jp. We thank you in advance for your continuing cooperation.
Sincerely yours,
Yoichi Yoshida
Development Division, The University of Tokyo
* Since the Yasuda Auditorium is closed until December 2014 (?) for renovation designed to improve its earthquake resilience, the donor nameplates are currently exhibited in the Ito International Research Center.

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