Eight More Receive FUTI’s Summer Scholarships for Participating in GSP and Other Summer Programs

GSP participants at UTokyo visit NEC Co.

GSP participants at UTokyo visit NEC Co.

The Award Committee awarded the 2013 FUTI Global Leadership Award (FUTI-GLA) to three UTokyo students and three students from U.S. universities, for their participation in the GSP (Global Summer Program). In addition, two UTokyo students were awarded for their enrollment in other summer programs . Together with the 11 awards already reported in Newsletter No.7, the total number of the 2013 Summer Scholarship awards amounted to 19, out of which 11 went to students from U.S. universities and 8 to UTokyo students. One of the UTokyo students reported in Newsletter No.7 as an FUTI-GLA winner regrettably had to withdraw from the program due to his visa situation.
Introduced in 2010, the FUTI Summer Scholarship Program is designed to nurture future global leaders of the U.S. and Japan, and one of the selection criteria for the award is a demonstration of leadership qualities. Each recipient of the award will receive an FUTI Global Leadership Award certificate and a scholarship, ranging typically from $3,000 to $4,000, depending on the summer program and the financial needs of the recipient.
U.S. students who attended GSP courses at UTokyo:

  • Mr. Vibol Heng (Yale University, Molecular Biophysics and Biochemistry, Senior): ”Nanoscience” and “Introduction to Japanese Language”
  • Ms. Patty Lan (Yale University, Anthropology, Junior): “Japan in Today’s World” and “Introduction to Japanese Language”
  • Ms. Jessica Wong (University of California at Berkeley, Junior): ”Sustainable Urban Development” and “Nanoscience”

UTokyo Students who attended GSP courses at UCB (University of California at Berkeley) or Yale

  • Mr. Satoshi Miyatani (Aerospace & Aeronautics Engineering, Senior): UCB course “The Summer Peace Institute”
  • Mr. Kai Tamura (International Relations, Sophomore): UCB Course “Media and Global Protest Movements”
  • Mr. Yasuaki Inada (Law, Sophomore): Yale course, “Sustainability and Institutions”

UTokyo Students who attended Other Summer Programs

  • Mr. Genki Takahashi (Agriculture, Senior): UCB Summer School, “Environmental Design & Architecture”
  • Mr. Enkhtuvshin Turbold (Economics, Master 2nd year): UCB course, “English Language Studies”

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