Dr. Shigenori Matsushita joins the Award Committee

ShigenoriMatsushitaAt the Board of Directors’ Annual Meeting of September 21, 2013, Dr. Masaaki Yamada, Director of University Relations, who chairs the scholarship award and research grant selection committee, announced the appointment of Dr. Shigenori Matsushita as a new member to the Committee, whose members are currently President Kobayashi, Dr. Masako Osako, FUTI staff and Ms. Nobuko Sakurai, a member of the FUTI Advisory Committee.
Dr. Matsushita received both his bachelor and doctor degrees from UTokyo in electrical engineering and was a Fulbright scholar to the University of Illinois, where he received his Masters degree.  He led the computer Division of Toshiba Corporation and was  Executive Vice President of Toshiba Information Systems in 1993-96.  In 1996-2001, he was President of the Japanese subsidiary of Wink Communications.  Since 2002 to the present , he has been serving as a director of the Board of a start-up company, DDS Inc., which specializes  in finger-print recognition.  Currently  he is  a visiting professor of the University of Chubu, Nagoya, giving lectures on globalization of economy and on IT applications.  President Kobayashi remarks, “As we report in the article of our 2013 summer scholarship, an increasingly large number of students are applying for the summer program, especially the UTRIP program.  I hope that Dr. Matsushita, who has been a strong supporter of FUTI since its inception, will help us  strengthen our award programs.”
In 2003, Dr. Matsushita was elected  a member of the Japanese Computer Pioneers by the IPSJ (Information Processing Society of Japan) Computer Museum. http://museum.ipsj.or.jp/en/pioneer/index.html For more details of his biography, please click here.

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