Dr. Kuwama Elected as Treasurer and Director

KuwamaAt the FUTI Board meeting of November 7th, 2012, Dr. YuichiroKuwama, M.D. , who had been a member of the Advisory Committee, was elected as Director and Treasurer. He has succeeded Ms. Ito and is responsible for financial matters of FUTI in addition to serve as a director of the Board.
After graduating from the Faculty of Medicine, the University of Tokyo in 1987, Dr. Kuwama joined the Department of Surgery at the University of Tokyo Hospital. He was qualified by the Board of Japan Surgical Society in 1991. After passing the United States Medical Licensing Examination, he started his training as an internist at Beth Israel Medical Center in 1993. He received an Internal Medicine Resident Award at the completion of his training in 1996. He was certified by the American Board of Internal Medicine (ABIM) in 1996. He returned to Tokyo in 1997 to accept an Assistant Professorship (“Koshi”) at his alma mater. He was also a researcher at the Japan Medical Association Research Institute (JMARI). In 2000 he was invited to his current position at Beth Israel Medical Center.
He is currently an Associate Professor at Albert Einstein College of Medicine, fully engaged in medical education activities. In addition he has been Medical Director at the Japanese Medical Practice Division of Beth Israel Medical Center in New York since 2000, serving as one of the primary care physicians for the Japanese community in the greater New York Metropolitan Area.
In 2006 he was inducted into the Leo M Davidoff Society, which honors teachers who have made significant contributions to the education of students at Albert Einstein College of Medicine.
“I am most grateful to Dr. Kuwama for spending his time and effort in not only financial matters, but also fundraising activities of FUTI, despite he is already extremely busy as a physician and an educator. He is also a Vice President of the New York Icho-kai, and helps us obtain greater support from the Ichokai members,” so expresses President Kobayashi his gratitude to the new treasurer.

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