Discussion Meeting with Dr. Masako Egawa on Internationalization of UTokyo

On September 20th 2011, UTokyo Ryuugakusei Alumni group in New York organized a presentation by Dr. Masako Egawa, Executive Vice President of the University of Tokyo (UTokyo). Dr. Egawa discussed UTokyo’s internationalization strategy in respect to its goals, current situation, and action plans for the audience consisting of friends and alumni of the university.
Dr. Egawa explained in detail a number of recent developments at UTokyo, including: UTokyo targets to increase international students and faculty ratios from the current 10% to 20% and from 7% to 12%, respectively, by 2020; The University launched a university-wide exchange program with non-Japanese universities for the first time in 2010 beginning with two Canadian universities; an undergraduate program, “PEAK” which will be taught entirely in English will be launched in October 2012.
An active Q&A session followed during which the audience explored the causes of UTokyo students’ lukewarm interest in studying abroad, measures the university may adopt to maintain its international competitiveness, and other salient matters. Questions attracted lively audience discussion included,” What are the reasons for Japanese youth’s lukewarm interest in studying abroad?” “If you take a year off studying abroad, it could handicap you by delaying your entrance to a company by year. Could major Japanese corporation make it an explicit policy to hire persons with an international education experience?” “If UTokyo wishes to remain internationally competitive, it must provide its faculty members with a competitive package. Is the university doing it?” “Would it be possible to expand opportunities to do an internship at international corporations?”
The revenue raised by this event was donated to Friends of UTokyo’s scholarship fund. The UTokyo Ryuugakusei
Alumni of New York plans to host several lecture/reception events for alumni and friends throughout the year.
Presenter:Dr. Masako Egawa, Executive Vice President, The University of Tokyo
Moderator: Dr. Hoe I. Ling, Professor of Civil Engineering and Engineering Mechanics, Columbia University
Topic: UTokyo’s Internationalization Strategy
Date/Time: September 20, 2011, 6.00 pm-
Location: Mid-Manhattan
Dinner sponsors: Krishen and Geeta Mehta, Motoatsu and Nobuko Sakurai
Administrative support provided by:Friends of UTokyo, Inc.

Written by M. Osako


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