Chicago Akamonkai’s Year-End Party

ChicagoAkamonkaiChicago Akamonkai (UTokyo alumni association) held its year-end party on December 8, 2012 at a fashionable Italian restaurant, Carlucci, in a suburb of Chicago. Over 20 alumni participated, including some working in the greater Chicago region, several students from Northwestern University, and one each from Wisconsin and New York. Mr. Shigeru Mori, President of the Akamonkai and the co-owner of Carlucci, gave a welcoming speech, followed by self-introductions of the individual alumni.
Ms. Masako Osako, a FUTI staff, discussed FUTI’s activities to support UTokyo’s internationalization effort, such as Global Leadership Awards to UTokyo and U.S. university students. To show support of FUTI, the attendees collected donations passing a donation bag around the table. The total gift from the members of the Chicago Akamonkai to FUTI has reached $1,200 this year, in addition to generous donations from Messrs. Ichihara, Kishioka and Mori.

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