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Attending the University of Tokyo for my Bachelor’s Degree

谷口 アレクサンダー禅 // Alexander Zen WIEGMANDepartment of Integrated Sciences, The University of TokyoUndergraduate, 4th-year student Program: PEAK (Programs in English at Komaba) Major: (International Program on) Environmental Sciences, B.A. As I’m awaiting the boarding call, I take a picture with my cowboy hat. The plane that will take me to Narita Airport is sitting at…
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My Experience at UTokyo: A Dream Made Into Reality

by Lexa Brieck — Just about 2 months ago, I was a bundle of nerves as I boarded a flight from Memphis, Tennessee to Narita Airport.  With the generous financial support of Friends of UTokyo, Inc., I was on my way to the University of Tokyo to become a member of the PEAK (Programs in…
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