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Harvard Summer School

by Kazuma Nakano こんにちは!東京大学教養学部3年の中野和磨と申します。 今夏FUTIの奨学金をいただき、ハーバードサマースクール Harvard Summer School (HSS)に参加させていただきました。この場を借りて、改めて心からの感謝の言葉を申し上げます。 HSSではデーター分析の授業を取ることができました。東京大学での専攻とは全く違う分野ですが、自分の大好きな野球に繋がることを期待して、挑戦してみました。授業の参加者の大半は社会人や院生だったので、レベルが非常に高く、最初は戸惑いましたが、貴重な経験となりました。プログラミングランゲージのRを学びつつ、分析理論を習得することができました。日本に帰国後、このスキルを生かして、プロ野球のデータを分析するインターンシップに挑戦したいと思います。 ボストンでは観光をたくさんしました。一番印象的だったのは五日間かけて、カナダのモントリオールまで自転車の旅をしたことです。バーモント州のLake Champlainやアメリカ・カナダの国境を超えたのが一番印象的でした。

Yale University Summer Session Report

Basic Information Name:Kentaro Matsumura UTokyo Faculty/Department:Faculty of Law Title of Summer Program:Yale Summer Session A Information about your SP 2-1 Other participants (class size, nationalities, home universities, gender distribution) I took two courses and both courses had 8 students. Participants were from Singapore (mostly Yale-NUS College), China, the United States (US citizens and Chinese high-school-students)…
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The best summer I have ever had

Yuanqi Gu (Genki Ko) Six weeks. It seemed so long for me before the start, but it turned out that it’s rather too short at all. This summer, I took part in UC Berkeley Summer Session for six weeks. It was my first time to study abroad. Although I had long wanted to have such…
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Coolest Summer at Berkeley

by Anna Cheung — I could hardly believe that two months had passed and my time at Berkeley had ended when I finally arrived the Narita Airport in Tokyo. During this summer, I had taken two courses, one about “Business Speaking” and the other one about “Analytic Decision Modeling Using Spreadsheets”, in order to learn…
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Berkeley Summer Sessions 2017

by Simon Oberhoffer — This summer, I had the honor to spend six fulfilling, productive and very insightful weeks at the University of California, Berkeley. I would like to express my sincere gratitude to Friends of UTokyo, Inc., for making this stay possible through their exceptionally generous financial support in the course of the FUTI…
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My Mid-summer Dream at Stanford University

By Yuchen Yan — Standing in front of San Francisco International Airport, I could not believe that I was really leaving Stanford University. Two months ago, I came to Stanford University, one of the best institutes in the world, as a participant of the Stanford Summer International Honors Program. Astonished by the spacious and gorgeous…
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Report of Yale Summer Session

By Ayaka Seki — I participated in Yale Summer Session from July 4th to August 5th (five weeks) thanks to the generous support from FUTI. Most part of Yale Summer Session was held in the campus of Yale University in New Haven. New Haven was not a big city, but all we needed was provided…
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Berkeley Summer Program

By Nonoko Kawabata — With a generous support from Friends of UTokyo, Inc, I spent an unforgettable summer at University of California, Berkeley. In this report, I would like to share my experience. The main purposes of participating in this program were to improve my English skill and to widen my view of my research…
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Berkeley Summer Sessions (Summer English Language Studies)

by Haruaki Tamura — Thanks to  the award of FUTI, I could have fruitful days in California, joining Berkeley Summer Session from July 5 to August 15. I took the session for international students to improve English skill. I had two main objectives to join this session: To increase my practical English speaking skill, and…
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YAL1: Moral Foundations of Politics

by Hiroya Sato — First of all, I would like to thank FUTI for supporting my summer studies in Yale. This scholarship made it possible for me to apply for the program, which was one of the best experiences in my life. It was a very hot day when I arrived in New Haven, Connecticut,…
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