Call for Nominations for new Secretary and Treasurer

FUTI seeks nominations of candidates to serve as Secretary or Treasurer for the Board of Directors. At present, Mr. Yasuhide Watanabe, NO&T NY, is serving as an interim Secretary, and Prof. Kobayashi, the President, as an interim Treasurer.
Job Description: Secretary

  1.  Work closely with the President and Treasurer.  He/she needs to be a good communicator.
  2. Take minutes of Board meetings and obtain signatures of other Board members, if resolutions are made in the meetings.
  3. Keep and maintain all the essential documents.

Job Description: Treasurer

  1. Work closely with the President and Secretary.
  2. Prepare quarterly financial statements to be presented to the Board, and prepare and file Federal and State tax returns.
  3. Work with the FUTI’s accounting firm when review or auditing of FUTI’s financial statements is required.

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