Boosting Individual Donations is Imperative

FUTI has received a grant from Ito Foundation USA this year, in continuation from a grant received last year. This grant was introduced in 2015/16 with the aim to financially assist University of Tokyo students to study in the U.S. For the first term of the Ito Foundation USA-FUTI scholarship, we received $200,000 and in the current fiscal year for the second term, we received $110,000. Additionally, in order for scholarship recipients to continue their studies for the second year, the Ito Foundation U.S.A. has not only given a grant directly to FUTI but also reached out to the US universities where the recipients are attending and awarded grants to those schools.
The next largest contribution comes from the Shintech, Inc. Trust Fund. The contract was renewed for five years in FY2014/15 and this year we have received approximately $35,000. Shintech has been continually making contributions for many years.
The number of donors has been mostly level. The numbers are: 54 in 2014/15, 68 in 2015/16, and 65 this year. On the other hand, the total amount in donations fell short at $54,000, significantly less than $80,000 from last year. The reason for this gap is the absence of mega-donors this year.

FUTI is profoundly grateful for Ito Foundation USA and Shintech, Inc. for standing by the FUTI mission and for their generous support. We would also like to give our heartfelt thanks to the many individual donors who have supported our activities. Friends of UTokyo, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit charitable organization. 501(c)(3) status requires that 33% of total donations come from individual donors. In other words, without individual donations FUTI would not be able to continue receiving large grants from Ito Foundation USA and Shintech. This year we unfortunately had to refuse a portion of a grant offered by the Ito Foundation to maintain the required ration. Collecting enough individual donation as a solid base so that we may receive large grants will be an important agenda item moving forward. Without the support from everyone, there would be no Ito Foundation USA-FUTI Scholarship or FUTI scholarship programs. I humbly request the continued gracious support from all of our donors.
Over the past several years, FUTI has grown by leaps and bounds and continued to cultivate its programming. We are proud of our scholarship and research grant programs and we are thrilled to see the recipients work hard and thrive in their academic endeavors. As a University of Tokyo alum, it is my joy to strengthen the presence of UTokyo in the global community where competition is fierce among well-known universities and leading universities from advanced countries. On behalf of FUTI, I give my deepest gratitude to all who help support sending these exceptionally accomplished students into the global community.
Yuichiro Kuwama
Vice-president, Treasurer
Friends of UTokyo

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