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Prof. Teruo Fujii lectures on “Technology to Explore the Ocean—toward attaining sustainable development in the era of revolutionary digital advancements”

Written by Prof. Y. Ikeuchi OnSeptember 28, 2018, Prof. Teruo Fujii, Executive Director and Vice President of theUniversity of Tokyo (Professor of Institute of Industrial Science, UTokyo), gave a lecture titled, “Technology to Explorethe Ocean—toward attaining sustainable development (of ocean resources) in theera of digital advancements” at the Tiger Pacific Capital office near GrandCentral Station…
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Prof. Shohei Koide of NYU Lagone Medical Center: “Development of next-generation cancer treatment and the role of protein design” (New York)

On November 16, Prof. Shohei Koide of New York University School of Medicine and NYU Lagone Health (BA,1986; PhD,1991, School of Agriculture, UTokyo,) gave a talk titled, “Development of next-generation cancer treatment and the role of protein design” as part of the FUTI lecture series. Despite concerns for attendance due to the heavy snowfall the…
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The 11th Yamakawa Kenjiro Memorial Lecture

Professor Steven Smith(Department of Political Science Yale University) May 8, 2018May 9, 2018 The 11th Yamakawa Kenjiro Memorial Lecture at the University of Tokyo was delivered by Professor Steven Smith and consisted of two talks: one at Komaba Campus on 8th May and the other at Hongo Campus on 9th. Professor Steven Smith, our guest…
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FUTI Annual Board and Advisory Committee Joint Meeting, September 29 (Saturday), New York

Board members present: Masaaki Yamada (chair), Teruo Fujii, Yuichiro Kuwama, Shigenori Matsushita, Nobuko Sakurai Advisory Committee (AC) members present: Tai Hasegawa, Kenzi Karasaki (via telecommunication), Takatoshi Ito, Hisashi Kobayashi, Takashi Komoto,  Geeta Mehta, Iwao Ojima, Yasuo Okamoto, Yuriko Suzuki, Junji Takegami, K.Y. Tung Other present: Masako Osako (acting secretary) FUTI’s Annual Board and Advisory Committee…
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Friends of UTokyo needs your support!

Dear Supporters of Friends of UTokyo, Inc. (FUTI): I trust that everyone is healthy and in good spirits as the autumn nights grow colder. It is now more than ten years since the inception of FUTI, and I am full of gratitude to all the generous contributions we receive every year in support of our…
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Next Generation Cancer Treatment Development: The Role of Protein Design

November 16, 2018 5:45 p.m. – 8:00 p.m. Tiger Pacific Capital, 101 Park Avenue, 48th Fl, New York, NY 10178 (In Japanese) 「次世代がん治療法の開発:タンパク質デザインの役割」 タンパク質デザイン分野で国際的に著名な研究者でおられる小出教授には上記のテーマでお話いただきます。 本年のノーベル医学賞と化学賞に直接関連のある非常にタイムリーなテーマであるため、 質疑応答の時間も十分に取ってございます。

Clinical Clerkship Program at Harvard Medical School

Ayu Yoneda It’s a great honor to receive FUTI global leadership award. I am heartily grateful to Friends of UTokyo for supporting my clerkship at Harvard Medical School in Boston. I had the opportunity to participate in a clinical clerkship program at Harvard Medical School (HMS) and rotated pediatric surgery department for 4 weeks at…
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Environmental Leadership Program

Yuichi Yokoyama First of all, I would like to appreciate all supports from the committee and staff members of FUTI Scholarship. In this report, I express short overview of my days in Berkeley. I participated in “Environmental Leadership Program” at UC Berkeley. The number of participants was about 30 and the number of their countries…
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Reischauer Institute of Japanese Studies Summer Internship Report

Diana Wang This past summer, I had the opportunity to conduct neurobiology research at the Sakai Lab of the University of Tokyo. The lab primarily focuses on studying the relation between music/linguistics and the brain through neuroscience and statistics. For the first four weeks, I analyzed brain lateralization of high school violinists from the Suzuki…
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International Research Center for Neurointelligence (IRCN) at the University of Tokyo

Ellen Underwood This summer has been an absolutely incredible experience so far! For the first part of my research internship, I have been based in Tokyo, studying at the International Research Center for Neurointelligence (IRCN) at the University of Tokyo with Dr. Yoko Yazaki-Sugiyama. I first had the opportunity to work with Dr. Yazaki-Sugiyama last…
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