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Harvard Summer School

by Kazuma Nakano こんにちは!東京大学教養学部3年の中野和磨と申します。 今夏FUTIの奨学金をいただき、ハーバードサマースクール Harvard Summer School (HSS)に参加させていただきました。この場を借りて、改めて心からの感謝の言葉を申し上げます。 HSSではデーター分析の授業を取ることができました。東京大学での専攻とは全く違う分野ですが、自分の大好きな野球に繋がることを期待して、挑戦してみました。授業の参加者の大半は社会人や院生だったので、レベルが非常に高く、最初は戸惑いましたが、貴重な経験となりました。プログラミングランゲージのRを学びつつ、分析理論を習得することができました。日本に帰国後、このスキルを生かして、プロ野球のデータを分析するインターンシップに挑戦したいと思います。 ボストンでは観光をたくさんしました。一番印象的だったのは五日間かけて、カナダのモントリオールまで自転車の旅をしたことです。バーモント州のLake Champlainやアメリカ・カナダの国境を超えたのが一番印象的でした。

Yamanouchi Lab at UTokyo

by Alex Liu Over the past eight weeks, I had the opportunity to intern in Professor Yamanouchi’s laboratory at the University of Tokyo Hongo Campus. I would like to give a huge thank you to FUTI for providing the financial assistance needed to make this dream a reality, as I never expected to be able…
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Summer at UTokyo

By Suwen Nicole Lee This summer, I was lucky to be working in Prof. Ejima’s lab on Bio-inspired underwater adhesives. Human-made adhesives like bandaids and super glue do not work well underwater. However, some animals like mussels and tunicates produce organic compounds that let them stick to rocks underwater. This lab figures out what these…
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Summer Session at UC Berkeley

by Jiyeon Lee Some might wonder why a Ph.D. student like me participates in the summer program that only allows participants to take undergraduate courses. This was the question I was asked several times when I was in Berkeley. My goal for this study-abroad experience was getting a sense of the subjects in which I…
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A Summer in Tokyo

By Ivee Lee I was inspired to accomplish something great in Japan ever since I walked into the Nagasaki Memorial filled with beautiful cranes with my family five years ago. It is still unreal to me that I had the opportunity to conduct research at a prestigious institution like UTokyo and live in Tokyo by…
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The inspirational summer I had in Berkeley

By Ikuo Kamei Hello, I’m Ikuo Kamei and I’m a graduate student at the University of Tokyo, Graduate School of Information Science and Technology. I participated in Berkeley Summer Sessions 2019. First, I really appreciate the support from FUTI, which made my trip possible. The program was hosted by University of California Berkeley and you…
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An unforgettable summer in Tokyo

By Thao Dinh This summer, I had an opportunity to become a UTSIP participant working in Prof. Satoru Nakatsuji’s lab, Institute of Solid State Physics at Kashiwa campus. Time passed by too fast, I could not believe in how much I learned, how many awesome people I met and how many beautiful places in Tokyo…
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FUTI Director, Dr. Iwao Ojima, Elected as the New President

At the board meeting held on April 15, 2019, Dr. Iwao Ojima was elected the new president of FUTI, succeeding Dr. Masaaki Yamada who has been president of FUTI since 2015. The appointment is effective as of September 30, 2019, the date of the 2019 annual board meeting. Prior to making this appointment, the board…
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FUTI Appoints Dr. Yumi Nakayama, President of Satsuki-kai America, and Dr. Masako Osako, President of Chicago Akamon-kai, as Ex-officio Members of the Advisory Committee

At the Board Meeting held on April 15, 2019, the FUTI Board appointed Dr. Yumi Nakayama, newly elected President of Satsuki-kai America, and Dr. Masako Osako, President of Chicago Akamon-kai, as ex-officio members of the Advisory Committee. This action reflects FUTI’s commitment to work closely with UTokyo alumni associations in the U.S. They will join…
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