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Quest for Efficacious Cancer Chemotherapy based on the Next-Generation Taxanes and Their Tumor-Targeted Delivery

March 15, 20195:45 p.m. – 8:00 p.m. University of Tokyo New York Office, 145 West 57th St. 21st Fl., NYC Abstract Paclitaxel (Taxol®) and docetaxel are among the most widely used chemotherapeutic drugs against various types of cancer. However, these drugs cause undesirable side effects as well as drug resistance. Therefore, it is essential to…
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Minami Goto, Film Director and FUTI Scholarship Recipient, Introduces Her Short Film, “Breakers”

February 27, 20195:45 p.m. – 8:00 p.m. Tiger Pacific Capital, 101 Park Avenue, 48th Fl, New York, NY 10178 (Only in Japanese) 「スニークプレビュー短編映画 ”ブレイカーズ”」 コロンビア大フィルム学部を昨年卒業された後藤美波さん(東大OG)を囲む講演・懇親会を企画致しました。皆様、是非御参加ください。お友達、ご家族の参加も大歓迎です。

Fall Semester at the University of California, Berkeley

Asami TakahashiM2, Graduate School of Public Policy Within just one semester at UC Berkeley, I have appreciated and benefited from tremendous number of opportunities offered inside and outside the campus. Every experience nurtured and deepened my understandings of the country, its culture and its people. This report includes the entire study abroad period from the…
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Attending the University of Tokyo for my Bachelor’s Degree

谷口 アレクサンダー禅 // Alexander Zen WIEGMANDepartment of Integrated Sciences, The University of TokyoUndergraduate, 4th-year student Program: PEAK (Programs in English at Komaba) Major: (International Program on) Environmental Sciences, B.A. As I’m awaiting the boarding call, I take a picture with my cowboy hat. The plane that will take me to Narita Airport is sitting at…
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Newsletter No. 20

Accepting Scholarship Applications for 2019

FUTI has recently begun accepting scholarship applications for 2019. Information is available on The scholarships are offered to qualified students of UTokyo aspiring to study in universities in the U.S. and students of universities in the U.S. interested in studying at UTokyo, regardless of nationality. FUTI Global Leadership scholarships are for students interested in…
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FUTI Announces 2018-19 Fundraising Campaign

In November 2018, FUTI launched its ninth annual campaign. FUTI has grown steadily over the years and contributed to the globalization of UTokyo. Since its inception in 2007 FUTI has cumulatively supported approximately 100 UTokyo students to study in the US and 75 US students to undertake internships or studies at UTokyo, providing them with…
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FUTI FB Series: Reports from 2012-16 FUTI Award Recipients

In the summer of 2018, FUTI’s Facebook Team created the series “Reports from FUTI Scholarship Students (2012-16)”. Of the approximately 100 former FUTI scholarship recipients, nearly 30 responded, of which 22 gave permission to have their stories and photos posted on FB. Many of them reported that the experiences enabled by the FUTI scholarship were…
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Prof. Teruo Fujii lectures on “Technology to Explore the Ocean—toward attaining sustainable development in the era of revolutionary digital advancements”

Written by Prof. Y. Ikeuchi OnSeptember 28, 2018, Prof. Teruo Fujii, Executive Director and Vice President of theUniversity of Tokyo (Professor of Institute of Industrial Science, UTokyo), gave a lecture titled, “Technology to Explorethe Ocean—toward attaining sustainable development (of ocean resources) in theera of digital advancements” at the Tiger Pacific Capital office near GrandCentral Station…
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Prof. Shohei Koide of NYU Lagone Medical Center: “Development of next-generation cancer treatment and the role of protein design” (New York)

On November 16, Prof. Shohei Koide of New York University School of Medicine and NYU Lagone Health (BA,1986; PhD,1991, School of Agriculture, UTokyo,) gave a talk titled, “Development of next-generation cancer treatment and the role of protein design” as part of the FUTI lecture series. Despite concerns for attendance due to the heavy snowfall the…
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