Appreciation Party and my Revisit to the Hongo Campus: Ko-Yung Tung

Mr. Ko-Yung Tung, an FUTI donor who lives in New York, expressed his impression of the party as shown below.

Appreciation Party and a Revisit to the Hongo Campus
By Ko-Yung Tung, Senior Counselor, Morrison & Foerster, New York

Mr. Tung in front of Akamon (the Red Gate)

Mr. Tung in front of Akamon (the Red Gate)

It was an honor to be invited to and attend the Eighth “Appreciation of the UTokyo Foundation” event. As Mr. Izumi has accurately summarized the event itself, I’d like to share my personal impressions.

First of all, it was an emotional revisit to UTokyo’s Hongo campus. I had attended the Law Faculty way back over 40 years ago (1971 – ’72). During that time, the Hongo campus was still disrupted with student demonstrations, and I was a young, energetic and idealistic student. That day, it seemed that both Todai and I had matured — we are both more settled, more serious, and maybe more jaded. However, the students walking around the campus looked so young, but still very bright and ambitious.


Mr. Tung at Sanshiro Pond

Second, I was most impressed with Prof. Akiyama’s lecture. While aging is a prevalent issue, she brought the challenges to life by offering concrete examples and solutions. For example, I didn’t realize that the pedestrian traffic lights are timed for people who walk one meter per second, but since elderly people walk slower, traffic lights need to be longer. Professors such as Akiyama-sensei are the true assets of Todai as they will be opening up the minds of our bright students, who hopefully will contribute to a better future for everyone.

Before the event at Sanjo Kaikan, I stopped by Sanshiro Pond — in the light drizzle with rain drops rippling the water, it was nostalgically romantic. I realized that though my hair is white, my heart is still young. So like Sanshiro Pond, UTokyo is both timeless, yet will inspire the hearts and minds of young leaders of tomorrow.

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