HisashiKobayashi_150Hisashi Kobayashi (小林久志) is a former Dean of the School of Engineering and Applied Science and the Sherman Fairchild University Professor Emeritus of Princeton University. Primary fields of his research have been communication theory, system modeling and performance evaluation, and applied probability theory. He joined the Board of Friends of UTokyo, Inc. (formerly Friends of Todai, Inc.) since its inception in October 2007 as Director, and became President in April 2011, succeeding the Founding President Mr. Junji Masuda and served in that capacity until September 2015, when he became the Chair of the Advisory Committee.

Kobayashi received his BE (1961) and ME (1963) degrees in Electrical Engineering from the University of Tokyo, where he was a recipient of the Sugiyama Scholarship of the late Mr. Kintaro Sugiyama, and the David Sarnoff RCA Scholarship. He worked for Toshiba Corporation for two years before he came to Princeton University in 1965 as an Orson Desaix Munn Fellow of Princeton University, where he received his Ph.D. in two years.

He then joined IBM Thomas J. Watson Research Center, Yorktown Heights, NY as a research staff member, where he worked on data transmission theory, and coding and decoding techniques for digital magnetic recording. In 1970-71 he invented a novel scheme for high-density, high-reliability digital recording, now widely known as the PRML (Partial-Response coding, Maximum Likelihood decoding) scheme, for which he was awarded the 2005 Eduard Rhein Technology Award of Germany, and the 2012 NEC C&C Prize in Japan. The PRML scheme has been adopted in virtually all hard disks and optical discs.

Kobayashi was promoted to Manager, Senior Manager and Department Manager of Computer Science Department at the IBM Research Center in 1971, 1974 and 1981, respectively, and was appointed in 1982 as Founding Director of IBM Japan Science Institute  (now IBM Research-Tokyo).

In 1986 he was invited to join the Princeton faculty as Dean of the School of Engineering and Applied Science (1986-91), and as the Sherman Fairchild University Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, the position he held until he retired in June 2008.

Other recognitions Kobayashi received include a Senior U.S. Scientist Award (1979) from the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation, Germany, IBM Outstanding Contribution Awards (1975, 1984), and IBM Invention Achievement Awards (1971, 1973). He became a Fellow (1977) and a Life Fellow (2003) of the IEEE, a Fellow of the IEICE Japan (2004), and a member of the Engineering Academy of Japan (1992). Kobayashi has been listed in Marquis Who’s Who in America and Who’s Who in the World since 1982.

He authored Modeling and Analysis (Addison Wesley 1978) and coauthored System Modeling and Analysis (Pearson/Prentice Hall, 2008) and Probability, Random Processes and Statistical Analysis (Cambridge University Press, 2012). He was the Founding Editor-in-Chief of an international journal Performance Evaluation (Elsevier, 1979-86).

He was a visiting professor at UCLA (1969-70), University of Hawaii (1975), Stanford University (1976), Technische Universität Darmstadt (1979-80), Université libre de Bruxelles (1980), RCAST of the University of Tokyo (1991-92), and University of Victoria, Canada (1998-99).

He served as an advisor for numerous organizations, including NASA, SRI International, National University of Singapore, Duke University, Advanced Systems Institute of British Columbia, National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology of Japan, 21st Century COE Program of JSPS, Institute of Industrial Science of UTokyo, G-Lab of Würzburg, Germany, Toyota Technological Institute, and National Institute of Information and Communications Technology (NICT) of Japan.

Kobayashi was the Guest Speaker at the Opening Ceremony of the Graduate School of UTokyo in April 2010 (Click here for the speech text and YouTube video). He is an advisor of WINLAB of Rutgers University and serves on the Board of the Armstrong Memorial Research Foundation, Inc. of Columbia University. Hisashi Kobayashi is a younger brother of the mathematician Shoshichi Kobayashi, who was a professor emeritus at UC Berkeley.

For further information, please see his bio in his blog www.HisashiKobayashi.com.

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