Shunichiro Kishioka (岸岡駿一郎)is currently Chairman of ITA, Inc. He has established eleven companies over the span of his career, including three which began as divisions of Mitsubishi International Corporation (MIC), a trading company where he was employed. The range of businesses Mr. Kishioka has been involved in includes: distribution of construction, and material handling equipment, and metal forming. Since 1980, Mr. Kishioka started his own market research and consulting company, helped develop radio controlled toys, and became a board member of a cosmetic package printing company, president of a distributor of Japanese factory automation & electronic parts, president of a rental company and a bilingual IT (Information Technology) service company, an officer of minority company, etc. He specializes in new and innovative goods and services, and offers support to other companies to accelerate their growth.

Mr. Kishioka graduated from the University of Tokyo Faculty of Law in 1964. He is Executive Vice President of Japanese Chamber of Commerce & Industry of Chicago (JCCC), Governor/Director of Japan-America Society of Chicago, Honorary Chairman of Chicago Akamon-kai .

He authored four books in Japanese: How to revive Japan (2002), Japanese who soar in America and

those who fall flat (2004), Japanese who can say YES (2006), and How to manage Japan (2009).

Mr. Kishioka was conferred The Order of the Rising Sun, Gold and Silver Rays (旭日双光章) from The Emperor of Japan in November 2010.

Mr. Kishioka’s motto: “Help others to shine.”