A Message from Dr. Hiroshi Komiyama, an Honorary Director of FUTI

We humans cannot live without having relationships with others. In our life today, however, such relationships are becoming too weak and thin. As civilization has developed, spontaneous formation of communities has become rare, where people poke their noses into other people’s affairs, the poked parties respond and act in earnest, and such interactions eventually yield good results to society. In my opinion our society today needs more of such relationships. Historically speaking, support of education, scholarship or art has provided an environment for such relationships to flourish.
In the rising tide of globalization, internationalization of the university is a top priority issue for us. How attractive an environment we can provide for our students and researchers should be the essence of our competition against other top-ranked institutions in the world. In order to succeed in such global competition, it is essential for our university—any university in Japan for that matter– to build up its financial base. Thus, I strived to strengthen our financial footing, when I served as the president of the University of Tokyo. As part of this effort, I asked our alumni in New York to establish FUTI and provide financial support of our education and research in the U.S. Four years have passed since then, and I find that FUTI has been making satisfactory progress and its future is promising.
I sincerely hope to receive your greater cooperation to expand the activities of FUTI for years to come.

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