When you submit this form, you will automatically be directed to the Friends of UTokyo, Inc. Paypal payment page.
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Our online donation system utilizes PayPal which allows donations to be made by credit card or from a bank account.

If your credit card billing address is outside of the U.S.:

A PayPal account will be necessary in order to make a donation. Opening a PayPal account is free and safe. It may take 2-3 business days to open and verify the account, but once it is verified, a payment may be made either by credit card or bank account.

If your credit card billing address is within the U.S.:

A PayPal account will not be necessary to make a donation. However, without a PayPal account there will be a $2000 transaction limit per month. In order to make a donation of more than $2000 without opening a PayPal account, the payments can be separated into monthly installments.

Please note that due to a special agreement between PayPal and FUTI as a small non-profit organization, there are transaction limits. PayPal account holders have a $10,000 limit for a single transaction, while for non-account holders the limit is $2,000 per transaction per month.